Personal Injury

Dedicated Advocacy For People Who Have Suffered Serious Injury

The Law Offices of Todd D. Thibodo, A Professional Corporation, provides skilled and aggressive representation to those who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others. Our clients receive personal attention, and we devote the full resources of our firm to securing their rightful compensation. We understand that clients and their families are dealing not only with severe injuries but the additional trauma of a lawsuit. We are always available, and our clients can reach us at any time of the day.

From our office in Encino, we represent people who have suffered serious injury in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. We handle motor vehicle accidents, premises liability injuries and other personal injury cases. See examples of verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients through our dedicated efforts.

An Experienced Trial Lawyer On Your Side

We have more than 25 years of experience in handling serious injury cases. There are a number of factors that make it difficult to recover compensation. In almost all cases, the defendant’s attorneys will claim that the defendant’s fault is not clear and that the defendant is not responsible. The defense will almost always try to minimize the severity of the client’s injuries, and the amount of money needed to properly compensate the injured plaintiff.

To overcome these obstacles, we identify, locate and interview all witnesses as soon as possible. We also retain the necessary technical experts, such as an accident reconstruction expert, who can explain how and why the incident caused the injury. We also consult with medical experts who can explain the nature and severity of the injuries, and what future medical treatment is needed.

Needless to say, these cases are costly to bring and win. We handle these types of cases on a contingent-fee basis, and we advance all costs. If there is no recovery, the client owes no attorney fees or obligations to us.

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Attorney Todd D. Thibodo uses his experience as a litigator and trial lawyer to hold the negligent party and the insurance companies accountable for your losses and suffering. We are ready to take action to protect your legal rights and pursue your full compensation. Call us today at 818-907-5769.